An Investment in Team Building



June 27, 2019


Team building is an interesting topic of conversation. Leadership can debate its ROI. Some staff might have flashbacks to awkward trust building exercises and want to break out in hives. Or maybe team building gets a bad rap.

Design West Engineering believes in the importance of team building, and doing team building right. So, we invest in it. We give our teams a budget, a half day out of the office, and the freedom to plan whatever fun activities they choose as a team.  

Some of our team activities so far this year include:

What’s the result?  The staff love it!  It’s creating the positive energy it is meant to create.

“It was fun connecting with the team to build a stronger relationship, both in and out of the office.” -Adrian Jacquez, Senior Project Manager

“As our team becomes closer, our cohesiveness is bringing an improved product to our clients.” -Vicky Reyes, Senior Project Manager

“This is the most effective team building model I have ever been a part of.” -Jeremy Richard, Business Development Director

From the Project Manager’s perspective, seeing their team in a comfortable and relaxed setting has been a benefit which translates to the work environment. It builds trust and deepens the relationship so that either side can communicate more freely.

The priority of team building is an immediate boost to morale and gives staff a sense of community when they come to work. It’s what makes us love what we do, and ultimately helps us perform better for our clients.

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