South Gate Park

Project Team


Design West Engineering handled electrical design for South Gate Park's renovation. Services included lighting upgrades, security lighting retrofit, switchgear replacement, walkway lighting, and circuit installations for tennis courts.

Year & Location


South Gate, CA


About the Project

South Gate Park consisted of electrical design for the major of renovation of the central park through five phases. During these five phases, Design West completed desings for new lighting for the tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, additional lighting in the Auditorium to be replaced with simple retrofit LED kits, and retrofit of exising security and building lighting throughout the park. Additional services included new switchgear being installed to replace existing old gear, new walkway lighting and controls. In one of the phases, Design West completed revisions to Hollydale Regional Park lighting circuits. Also included new circuits for tennis courts, new Musco control link for all lighting controls and structural calculations for Hollydale Regional Park parking lot lighting poles.

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