Finishing Out the Summer Intern Program



September 5, 2019


Last week brought our Summer Intern Program to a close. We had the opportunity this Summer to work with three talented engineering students and one new grad. Each Summer, our whole team collaborates to bring a group of interns a great educational experience. We work hard to give these students an in-depth dive into our tools and process, some hands-on experience with design, and some exposure to what the world of project management looks like for their own respective disciplines within this building industry. We are so grateful for these four guys and the hard work they put it this Summer.

 Here’s some of what they had to say:

What skill has been the most valuable to learn?

Very early in the internship, I was told that it is far better to ask for help early rather than to waste time trying to figure it out myself. Because everyone is so willing to help and answer my questions, I have learned so much. Being unafraid to ask questions is a skill that I didn’t know I needed.
– Kyle M.

Surprisingly, the most valuable skill I learned during the internship was communication. Because the projects are all collaborative between the architects, contractors, and the clients themselves, good communication is important to successfully deliver a finished product.
Kendrick U.

The internship is very CAD intensive.  When I started the internship, I was already familiar with AutoCAD, but after interning at DWE over the summer I can safely say it took my CAD skills to the next level.
Kristoffer M.

What do you tell your friends about DWE?

I tell my friends that DWE is a great place to work. It’s a place that allows you to constantly learn and grow.
Kristoffer M.

What have you gained while working here?

I gained valuable experience designing circuitry for lighting and power, as well as understanding the relationship between engineers and the architects who work with them.
~ Kendrick U.

Has this experience been better, worse, or as expected?

This experience has been far better than I expected. This is my first internship ever, and I came in nervous about my usefulness. Over the course of the internship, I think that I have learned very valuable skills and information.
~Kyle M.

Mentorship is one of our core values. We stay committed to providing the next generation of engineers with opportunities to learn and enter this industry. As always, it is bittersweet to see some of these guys off. It’s our hope that we will see them back soon. And as for our recent graduate, Emmanuel Gutierrez, he will continue on staff as full-time employee.

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