Redlands Community Hospital

Project Team


Design West Engineering partnered with Redlands Community Hospital for various hospital projects. Upgrades and replacements were done for chiller systems, lighting, MRI equipment, HVAC, lab space, and ICU.

Year & Location


Redlands, CA



About the Project

Design West Engineering has worked with the Redlands Community Hospital team in Redlands on various OSHPD 1 projects in an on-call fashion for 5 years. Various projects at the hospital site include:

Temp Chiller 1, 2, 3, & 4: Connection of 800 Amp power to temp chillers and 150 Amp power to temp cooling towers on four separate occasions including four separate OSHPD submittals.
Kitchen Lighting: Upgrade of lighting at central kitchen
MRI Magnet: Upgrade of MRI equipment including replacement of MRI magnet
OR HVAC Upgrade: Replacement of HVAC servicing hospital operating room
Clinical Lab: Tenant Improvement for new hospital laboratory space
ICU Remodel: Update and reconfiguration of hospital ICU

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