Mountains Community Hospital

Project Team


DWE collaborated with Mountains Community Hospital on various hospital projects. We handled radiology equipment connection, automatic door replacement, operating room HVAC upgrade, temp kitchen services, CT scanner connections, and more.

Year & Location


Lake Arrowhead, CA



About the Project

Design West Engineering has worked with the Mountains Community Hospital team in Lake Arrowhead on various OSHPD 1 projects in an on-call fashion for 6 years. Various projects at the hospital site include:

Radiology Equipment Replacement: Connection to service new imaging and x-ray equipment
Automatic Doors Replacement: Replacement of 2 automatic doors with a single 4’ automatic door
Operating Room HVAC Upgrade: Addition of dedicated HVAC units on the roof to serve two operating rooms
Temp Kitchen: New services to modular kitchen trailers
CT Scanner: Connetions for replacement of CT Scanning Equipment
CT Trailer: Connection to temporary CT scanning modular trailer building
Switchboard Removal: Demolition and removal of Switchboard

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