University of California, Riverside Barn Renovation

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UCR's Barn Theater underwent an expansion and renovation project to revitalize the historic space. It included a reconstructed barn, new dining areas, outdoor event space, and performance stages. The project achieved LEED Gold certification.

Year & Location


Riverside, CA



  • 3 Performance Stages
  • Historical Reconstruction
  • Dining & Student Gathering Spaces
  • Certified LEED Gold

About the Project

The Barn Theater has remained an iconic and historically significant destination on the UCR campus for as long as the school has existed. The original barn was built in 1916 and served the ranch on which the UCR campus was eventually built. The facility not only adds to campus life, but serves to commemorate regional history.

For many years, the Barn functioned as a performance theater and dining area. To revitalize this space, UCR took on an expansion and renovation project including a historical reconstruction of the original barn building. The project also included a new commercial kitchen and student dining area, a new staff and faculty dining area, revitalization of the outdoor gathering and event space, and three new performance stages in the new barn, in the new student dining area, and a new amphitheater for the outdoor event space. Each stage was equipped with theatrical stage lighting and A/V system designs. The project is certified LEED Gold.

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